At Lorraine Colour Bar, our goal is to exceed your hair colour expec-tations. Our colour specialists are responsible for collaborating with clients to achieve their desired results.  We will provide our knowledge and expertise regarding the appropriate colour palette. The health and integrity of the hair and scalp will always be considered. Whether you’re needing grey coverage or a complete colour transformation; we are confident to assist all of your needs. It’s also essential the client knows all options available to assist in achieving their colour & style:


Foil Highlighting 

Foil highlighting is the art of arranging packets of foil in thoughtfully designed formations containing small amounts of hair and specially formulated colour.



A great application for textured, natural curls, or wavy hair. Your stylist selects specific areas and hand paints them with colour. This dramatic implementation of a hair colouring technique leaves you with a more personalized look!



Veiling revitalizes your old hair colour with the use of a semi permanent hair glaze. Most often, the colour chosen is a more rich tone to complement the older, duller hair colour underneath.



Colour Paneling

The specialist will take a block section of hair or “panel” and apply colour to it on a foil in thin layers. The variety of panel sizes and shapes is endless and is determined by your cut, and the effect you want to achieve. You can also have several panels put in at one time using a verity of colours that inspire you.


Corrective Colour 

Corrective colour is the highly specialized service of the hair care profession. It is an emergency procedure used on clients who have received an undesired result by themselves or from another salon.



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